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Let us introduce you to Namibia and its tourism sector


We welcome you to Namibia
There is no way to savour African joie de vivre and hospitality more intensely and authentically than in the company of hosts of African descent. Get to know and love the African face of Namibia - with our attractions, tour operators, craft centres, heritage, and accommodation facilities. At the same time you will actively support Namibian aspirations of self-improvement, and community tourism.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to Namibia and we look forward to welcoming you, our valued guest.

Namibia is home to the Namib Desert, the world's oldest desert and is also called the “living desert” because of the various fauna and flora it supports. You can experience the diversity and fascination of the various cultures pertaining to the 11 different Namibian ethnic groups. Your memories will be captured by abundant wildlife, wide open spaces, vast wilderness areas and fascinating history.

During your safari, you will get a chance to visit our resorts, game reserves and also get a chance to meet ethnic groups of people and learn about their origin, history and culture. The Himba and the San are some of the best known ethnic groups but they only make up 2% of the Namibian culturally diverse population.

Size and population
Namibia is a vast country with a size of 824 268 Km². The population size as given by the latest official census results, Namibia has 2.2 million people.

Namibia is a semi-arid desert country with a dry climate and where droughts are a regular occurrence. Days are mostly warm to very hot, while nights are generally cool. Average daily temperatures in summer range between 20ºc -34ºc and in winter 0 ºc-15ºc. 0 ºc-10ºc.

Summer: From the first Sunday in September to the first Sunday in April, 2 hours ahead of GMT.
Winter: From First Sunday in April to the first Sunday in September. 1 hour ahead of GMT.

Official language
English is the official language in Namibia.



Etosha National Park   Sossusvlei
Fish River Canyon   Kalahari Desert
Ai-Ais / Fish River   Swakopmund
Caprivi   Kalahari Gemsbok National Park
Aus / Wild Horses   Namib Naukluft Park
Luderitz   Waterberg Plateau Park
Kolmanskop   Mariental / Hardap Dam
Maltahöhe   Keetmanshoop
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